Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring in Oklahoma

I love spring. Watching nature come to life after the dormant season of winter is always a joy. Our ewe & goat get all excited, jumping and running around the yard when we are able to let them out of their stable once the snow is gone.
My favorite activity is planning & preparing for our garden. I spend the winter looking through seed catalogs and planning what I want to plant. This year our garden will be larger than our past years. With Joe no longer truck driving, we will both be able to work in the garden now. Our neighbor will till the garden for us with his tractor, then we can start the planting of cool weather crops. Today, I am starting the cabbage, brussel sprouts & lettuce seeds to get a headstart on the garden. By the time they are ready to transplant, the garden will be tilled & weather will be warm enough at night to not freeze he plants.
Abigail loves being outdoors. She has so much fun exploring and playing. I have a box that I plant herbs in that Abigail likes to get her hands into. I am considering planting some strawberries there this year for Abigail.
Once Micah is born, I will be able to wear a sling to carry him in while gardening, just as I did with Abigail. I can hardly wait!

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