Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Going Off-Grid

We are going off-grid much earlier than planned. As of tomorrow, we will be off-grid. I will not be able to post any new blogs unless I get to a library, which would be once a month at the most. I have the addresses for the Pay It Forward ladies and will be in touch via the postal service very soon.

I am feeling very at peace right now. This will be a change for us, but we have been laying the foundations for this for several months now. The Lord is in control and we are simply following along with where He wants us to go. It will be autumn before we are able to get the wind-solar system set up, unless the Lord's time table is faster and opportunities are presented before autumn.

I will post again as soon as opportunity allows.

May the Lord's blessings be with you.


Today's "Good Morning"

Today, I awoke to the sounds of our ewe & ram near the house. Not good! The ram gets aggressive with me and is not very cooperative unless Beloved is with me. I got Abbie settled with a bowl of cereal and Micah was playing in his crib, so I went out to put the sheep in their grazing pen, which is the larger of the 2 enclosures. Well, they were having none of that! The ram kept dropping his head down and hitting me again. I had a stick that I bumped him with a few times to keep him away but he seemed to take that as a challenge and got worse. I was able to avoid more hits, but had to keep side stepping him while directing the ewe into their stable. The ram finally joined her and I was able temporarily fix the gate that they had knocked down. I gave them a good feeding of hay & grain to keep them happy for a while. At least until the gate can get repaired when Beloved gets home. If I am able to, I will repair the gate myself once the little ones are napping after lunch.