Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Altered Books

I have been looking at some really good examples of altered books lately. Some in magazines, and others on websites. Basically an altered book is an artform. You take an old unwanted bok and through paints, decorative papers, rubber stamps, etc., you transform the book into a work of art or a new journal. This idea got me thinking.

Instead of buying a new notebook for a journal, why not make an altered book? You can find old hardcover books with nice bindings at a thrift store or even a yard sale. Decoupage the cover and transform t into a nature journal or other journal that can be used in homeschooling. Letting kids make their own would be a fun project for them. You can choose a theme, such as an old gardening book to use as the base for a nature journal. An old church hymnal could be used for a Bible memory verse journal. The possibilities are endless.

I am going to start looking around for old books at the thrift stores. Making an altered book sounds like a fun and creative way to make journals more personal. Who knows, I may even start with a purchased blank journal that I have at home. Sponge painting some rubber stamp ink onto the pages and basically dressing up the plain white pages. Abbie is wanting to do this also. Looks like we may have yet another Momma/Daughter activity to do together!