Monday, October 31, 2011

To Kindle or Not to Kindle?

To Kindle or not to kindle is a questions that I am considering.  I am a bookworm whenever I get the chance.  It is not unusual for me to read a book a day in the winter months especially.  Often, I will start reading and get lost in a book during the night when I am sore and cannot sleep. 
Months ago, Joe asked me if I would like a Kindle.  I must admit that where technology is concerned I have the attitude of one who is skeptical of any form of technology.  I have been thinking about it though.  Let's face it.  My beloved is a very smart cookie.  Want me to consider a new form of technology? Just mention it's benefits to me and drop the subject.  I will eventually get around to stewing over it and give it a lot of consideration.  He mentioned how much I love reading and how it might be easier on me. 
Well, here we are, months later and I have been thinking about it.  I went to a store that sells both the Kindle and the Nook.  This gave me the chance to see them both side by side and compare them.  Between the two brands, I know the Kindle is best suited for my needs.  I do still have some questions to consider before getting one however.
Is there a good way to back up the books your download, such as on a flash drive, so that they are not lost if something happens to your computer or Kindle?  I would hate to replace books already purchased due to a technical problem with the computer or Kindle.
If you ever have problems with the Kindle battery, how easy are they to replace?  I realize they are likely to be easy to install, but how pricey are they?
How often does the Kindle's system upgrade?  During the upgrades, do the changes ever affect the ability to read older downloads?  Another words, do you have to be concerned that an e-book is no longer able to be read due to the new upgrades?
Can you only read books downloaded from Amazon on a Kindle?  Often I see e-books on websites such as our library's which offer free downloads.  Would I be able to read those on a Kindle?
Can you find children's books for Kindle that I can download for the kids?  Abbie loves books like the Little House series and I would like to have those for her also. 
What would be a good way to incorporate the Kindle into our homeschooling?  Likely, this is where the children's books would come in, but what other ways does it benefit?
Lots of questions in my mind.  But I am considering it.  Joe thinks I would enjoy it.  He has Kindle on his netbook.  Of course, he has it for a whole different set of reasons.  Mainly to have ready references for his blogs so he can easily write quotes from a book without having to have a hard copy of the book handy.  On the truck, he listens to audio books instead of reading while shut down.  With a student in the truck, they are on the go too much for him to read.
I would love to hear your thoughts on a Kindle if you have one.