Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Free Mulch resource & PIFs

I am so excited. this morning, we were blessed with a second dump load of mulch from a tree cutting service. They have been cutting down the trees that have grown too close to power lines along the roads near us. I spoke to them a couple of weeks ago and they agreed to drop off the mulch at our home. This is a free resource that you can check into. Many of the tree cutting service companies look for new places to leave the mulch made from the tree limbs and branches run through the chipper. We now have a small mountain of 2 loads of mulch sitting ready to be put into our garden. They are going to use our home as one of their regular dumping areas. this means that whenever they are in the area working, they will be bringing a load to us periodically.
The mulch works well in compost piles, or simply spread around your garden plants. In autumn, it makes a nice layer to place on your garden soil to add nutrients to the soil as well as prevent weed growth in the early spring. Definately worth checking out the tree cutting service companies in your area.

This morning, I had a comment waiting to be moderated from someone (Mrs. CW Mouse) who had missed out on the first PIF that I had held. For those new to PIF, I gather the names & addresses of 3 people wanting to participate. I send each participant a handmade item. In exchange, they gather from their own blogs the names & addresses of 3 people wanting to participate. They make a handmade item for each and mail it off to them. Each person participating is expected to continue "Paying It Forward" to 3 people on their blogs. If you are interested in participating, please email me at and let me know. Mrs. CW Mouse, I will assume that you are wanting to participate. Please email me to confirm. I then will have room for 2 more participants.