Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Textured Blanket for Micah

This past week, I have been feeling a little stressed, so have been taking a bit of time to do something creative. I have been wanting to make Micah a texture quilt, but have had a difficult time finding fabrics of various textures. I came to an idea though that will make the project move along better. I am learning new crochet stitches. I have used the same basic 3 stitches for years and am wanting to learn more variety.

This all started with a dishcloth exchange that a friend in Australia is doing. I am making a couple of dishcloths to send to her and she will exchange a couple that she has made to send to me. This gave me an idea.

What about making a bunch of squares of the various crochet stitches and sew them together to make Micah's blanket? Each crochet stitch has a different feel to it. Add to this the various types of fibers that are available and the possibilities are endless. Fibers or yarns can be found in a wide array of styles, colors and texture. Some are bumpy and soft, some are very fluffy, some are slightly coarse, and some are smooth. With all the options, I should be able to make a textured blanket for him that he will enjoy.

I am so glad that my hands are finally cooperating and I am able to do handwork again. I have been unable to do much of it ever since the ram tackled me early last autumn. I have gotten very behind in sewing and crochet projects. Abbie is already asking for a new shawl and for me to make her some head coverings. She wants some bonnets similar to what I wear. With the longer daylight hours, I am trying to work on these things after the day's work is done and the little ones are settled in for the night.