Monday, February 28, 2011

Looking Back and a Glimpse Forward

When we began this journey to a more self-reliant life, we did it with eyes wide open.  Going off-grid was not a choice made lightly.  It was not a stressful decision, but one that we understood.  We have never had regrets for that choice.  We have learned much and have been blessed.
In going non-electric, we were able to shut out the noise and distractions.  It was odd at first to not have the TV.  Abbie missed her VeggieTales DVDs.  Joe missed watching "Everybody Loves Raymond."  I must admit that late in the evenings when I was unable to sleep, I missed the DVDs also.  We adapted however.  We found more time to spend doing things as a family.  Joe put it best when he observed that we had the TV on mostly when we were bored.  Without the crutch of a TV, we found other things to do.  We read more, spent more time outdoors, and played games together in the evening. 
We have come to realize that while the TV was an intrusion in our family's life, there are certain things that we do miss.  Not having Internet access at home was something that we have come to miss greatly.  We enjoy email and writing our blogs.   I find I need to go to a library often to do research on therapies and methods of teaching/helping Micah.  Abbie is homeschooling and I need to access the Internet often for her also.  It is funny that I miss the Internet more than having a modern bathroom. 
We are homeschooling now which is something that wasn't being done when we went non-electric.  We are finding that having Internet access at home would be a blessing as well as cost effective.  Our plans are to get Internet access as well as having a small solar power system at the new house.  This will allow me to be able to research from home the information I need to homeschool both children.  Additionally, it will give me the opportunity to blog more often.  If plans go well, we will be able to move into the new home by summer.
Thank you all for your patience and in continuing to follow my blog.  I realize that the posts have been infrequent, but am laying the foundation to post more often.
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