Thursday, January 7, 2010

Starting Sweet Potatoes

Yesterday I mentioned that I had started my sweet potatoes. Here is
how I am doing them: First I cut some sweet potatoes in half making
sure each piece is at least 2-3 inches long. I placed them, cut side
down, in a container. Add water about an inch or so deep once all
potatoes are in the container. I use a 9x13 size plastic container for
this. The container is put in a warm sunny spot. Sprouts will grow.
When the sprouts are abt 6 inches long you carefully take them off.
Place the sprouts in water to grow roots. In spring, these are planted
in mounds or raised rows to allow lots of good drainage. Harvest the
sweet potatoes just before frost and allow to dry/cure in a cool dry
area before storing to prevent spoilage.