Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Preparing for the Changes

I want to first thank everyone who has contacted me about staying in touch while Joe is out on the truck. What a blessing you all are! It is very sweet to see the support and outpouring of friendship that you are extending.

I am making a few minor changes to the way I will be doing the computer. Until now, Joe has brought the laptop to town with him several times a week to send/receive emails. Once he is truck driving, I will only be in town twice a week. On Sunday when we go to church and on Wednesday when I run errands while the children are at their Grandparents' home. I will have the ability to type up blogs and emails in between those times, but they will only be posted or emailed on those two days. I am able to check my email through the cell phone, but an very limited on replying. I have thought about resetting the comments to be posted without having to be moderated, but I cannot do that at this time. I have had very mean spirited things sent as a comment as well as blatant ads for businesses. Neither of which do I allow in the comments.

We are spending a lot of time together as a family. Mostly have been working to prepare the homestead for Joe's job change. He's wanting to make it as easy as possible for me to maintain while he's on the truck. We have been playing games and having fun together also.

We have a large grocery shopping trip planned the end of tihs week. I'll be canning more meals and such for Joe. In addition to his pint jars, I'll be canning up some quart jars for the kids & I to have on hand at home. Then, there is the packaging up servings of homemade muesli and making a gallon of granola for Joe to take along with him.

There is a surreal quality to the upcoming job change. I know it is going to happen, but it doesn't seem real yet. I am just taking each day as it comes and preparing as best as I can to make it easier on all of us.