Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kitchen Pantry Progress

I finally got the heaviest of the work done in the kitchen pantry. We
have a room set off of the kitchen where the pantry is located. Over
the past couple of days, I have been thoroughly clearing out what
didn't belong in that room. It is done now and I love the results. The
room looks much larger.

I cleared out an alcove to allow 2 small metal shelving units to be
placed in there. These, along with 2 bookcases that sit directly across
from the alcove, will provide pantry space for my daughter's family.
Their pantry area is in the entrance portion to the larger pantry area
that I am using for my family.

In the space where the small metal shelving was located, had my
son-in-law set up a heavy duty shelving unit. I am going to set up a
second large unit tomorrow. When I am able to get to a store again, I
am going to buy 2 more shelving units to add to the pantry space. This
will give us 1 set of shelves for store bought canned & packaged foods,
1 set for bulk foods, 1 set for health food store items, 1 set for home
canned foods, and the last set for non-food items like paper goods,
toiletries and cleaning supplies.

With the way it is being set up, I am easily able to see at a glance
what we have and what we will be needing to stock up on. I like having
it all separated out like this. For me, it is much more convenient and
efficient. I only have to look at one set of shelving to plan out the
health food store shopping list. The same in regards to the other
grocery shopping or buying supplies.

I am so glad to have this project near completion. It has been
something that I have wanted to do for a long time. The overall layout
is one that we have talked about doing for some time. Living in a small
home, you have to be clever about finding storage solutions. When done,
the pantry will have shelving that runs in a U shape. It will run along
2 walls with a 3rd side being a row of shelving that will be free
standing. Once done, I will try to post pictures.