Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Journey to Self-Reliance

Last December, I mentioned that I was going to be doing something new
this year. After much urging from others (and a LOT of prayer on my
part) I am writing a book about our Journey to Self-Reliance. I have
been finding that in the writing process, I am getting very critical of
my writings. For example, I have rewritten a chapter 3 times now in an
effort to make it flow better.

Writing this book has been very interesting for me. I have never
thought of myself as a writer, though I love to write. My beloved
talked me into starting this blog a few years ago. I never imagined
that I would have people who regularly follow or read my writings. It
is humbling. In writing our story towards a more plain and simple
lifestyle, I find myself thinking back to those moments when things fit
easily. There have been trials along the way, but we weather them.
With our faith in the Lord, we find a strength to continue our dreams
and goals.

The journey hasn't always been a planned path. We have had surprises
along the way. Things that we thought would go well were more trial
than expected. Some events were a complete surprise that turned out to
be a blessing. Through it all, our family is being strengthened. Our
lifestyle, which is admittedly different than what most in society would
consider, has been a blessing to our family. By removing the
unnecessary excess from our lives, we have more time to focus on what is
most important to us.

There have been other blessings that we have gained. We are learning to
depend more on our faith to guide us. Homesteading or so-called self
reliant living is a true exercise in faith. It takes faith to plant a
garden and expect a harvest when your work is done. It takes faith to
let go of what society thinks is essential and live happily on far less.

In writing the book, I am enjoying the times of reflection on where our
lifestyle has taken us thus far. It amazes me at times. Who would have
ever guessed that my "techno-geek" husband would be enjoying the lack of
technology. Granted, he has a lot of gadgets and technology in the
company truck that he drives. At home, he enjoys the break from it.

For me, the gadgets that I used to enjoy have been replaced with the
non-electric versions. Whether we have wind power or not, I will still
be using these same tools. I no longer miss the kitchen appliances. I
do get a kick from finding hand-cranked versions or antique kitchen
tools and gadgets. I have found over the past few years that there is
very little that I cannot do without the electrical appliances. So far
the only thing I have not been able to do is limited to 2 things - make
a smoothie without a blender and make meringue without a mixer. Once I
get a hand-cranked butter churn, that will change however.

The book is coming along. Having a limited amount of time on the
computer each evening is making the writing process take longer. While
that may not have been something I would have liked initially, I am
finding that the extended time is giving me more opportunities to write
better and be more reflective in my writings. The book is becoming a
journey of it's own. I can't wait to see how the finished book turns out.