Sunday, March 25, 2012


There are days when I just have more questions than not. The subject of
the Sabbath is one of "those" topics that always has my head ready to
explode. Here is why.

Under the Law, the Jews were given the Law of obeying the Sabbath Day.
They were given very strict rules of conduct that had to be observed.
Later on, in the New Testament, the establishment of the New Covenant
through Christ changed the way the Sabbath was observed. And this is
what confuses me. In some Christian faiths, the observance of the
Sabbath is still a very important part of their religious practices.
For some, they are adamant the Sabbath is on Saturday while others
observe a Sunday Sabbath. Okay, I realize that it is like splitting
hairs to figure out what is right and wrong in that particular topic.

The real question for me is the faiths that believe that in the New
Covenant Christ became our Sabbath. That looking to a particular day of
the week as a Sabbath is not as critical as it once was to worship.
So, does this mean that the Sabbath is no longer necessary since Christ
made His sacrifice for our sins?

I get mixed emotions about this. I honestly do not know where I stand
in it. While I am gradually coming to understand (in extreme baby
steps) the New Covenant that Christ established, I still have more
questions than answers. This is a part doctrine that eludes me. I
readily admit that if I am not in the habit of attending church services
on a regular basis, I fall into the habit of treating the Sabbath like
it was any other day of the week. It has no meaning to me.

Back in my days as a pagan, I had very set routines that I followed in
my beliefs. I felt so much more comfortable in the absolute structure
and ritual of my beliefs. There were clear defining practices that I
followed. Some of them that I used daily were the prayer alter,
candles, meditations, and readings.

I find myself at loose ends at times now. Ever since giving up a method
of worship involving the observance of rituals, I find myself constantly
feeling adrift. Yes, I can read the Bible and pray. It isn't the
same. I don't feel that rhythm to my worship that I seem to crave and
need. Add into the mix that I have been unable to attend church on a
regular basis due to not having a vehicle and I feel very adrift.

Looks like another long conversation with my very long-suffering husband
is on the horizon. He is so awesome about explaining things.