Wednesday, July 22, 2009


As some of you may already know, I am preschooling Abbie at home. She has been very interested in the garden plants so I helped her make a little book about the growing cycle of a pea plant. I had some extra garden seeds and she chose the acorn squash. We placed a damp paper napkin in a baggie with 3 seeds placed on the towel. The baggie was taped to the kitchen window.

Over the next week, Abbie excitedly watched and kept checking the seeds to look for changes. On Tuesday this week, the seeds had sprouted and grown so much that they were ready for planting. We carefully planted each seedling in a small container to allow it to continue growing before it is placed in the garden. By Thanksgiving, we will have fresh acorn squash to add to the meal.

I find it amazing to watch her excitement as she explores the world around her. There is so much that we have available for her to learn from. Helping care for her kittens, the garden, and playing with her little brother all are so educational for her - as well as fun. I try to make each situation as fun as possible for her. Granted, there will come a time when she won't find them to be fun, but for now we are enjoying doing things together.

We have begun a ministry making charity quilts that we will distribute this fall. I am doing the sewing, then once the quilts are assembled, we will work as a family to tie the quilts & finish them. This will provide another opportunity for Abbie. At 3 yrs old, she is old enough to teach how to tie the yarn into a knot. We can use the needle & thread the yarn through the quilt, then let Abbie help tie it off. It is important to us to allow her (and later Micah) to take part in the project.

I am already planning to have a small garden area set aside for Abbie next spring. A raised bed that she can easily reach and care for. It will have the kinds of veggies that she enjoys snacking on, such as cherry tomatoes. I find that the more I have her with me as I go about my tasks, the more she wants to help and take part. In teaching good work ethics to children, this is a critical time. The more I allow her to help now, the better her work ethics will be later on. Of course there are times when her efforts make the task take longer, but the rewards are priceless.