Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer's end approaching

What a blessed week we have had. After temps in the 100* range, we are now getting a break from the heat and lots of rain. My garden is very appreciative. After a slow start with the garden, I now have my fall garden being planted so we will have a harvest in October & November. My beans are sprouting and the zucchini are in bloom. My winter squash seedlings are nearly ready for transplanting.

I have been canning tomatoes. I simply dice them and add a bit of salt & water to the jars before processing. I then use them through out the winter in my homemade soups & such. The tomatoes are nearly done, so I will be able to start working on something else soon.

Beloved and I are finishing up clearing out things we no longer find a need to have. This has been a long process. We found a local charity that will take everything we don't need. Each week, he will be taking boxes of items to them. We are starting to see the end of this task and are looking forward to it being done.

It is hard to believe that we are beginning the process of preparing for winter already. I am working on making quilt blocks to assemble once the weather is cool enough to not get overheated while having the quilt in my lap. I don't have a hoop or frame, so I am planning to quilt as I go and then assemble the quilt on the treadle once all blocks are finished. This method allows me to use the sashing to assemble the blocks.

I have started cutting out some training pants for Micah. I am going to be making 2 styles. Once being pull on and the other having snaps on the side. I am considering using the snap style instead of diapers. I am going to try a couple of pair of them to see how it works out before making him a large batch of them. Funny to think that I am already working on these for him. He is walking really good finally. He still is working on gaining the confidence to let go, but we can see he is nearly ready to do so.

I have been working on my monthly menus to allow for a cooler weather menu. This means lots of soups and stews. I am going to start canning them soon to stock the pantry. Beloved enjoys taking jars of it to work for his lunch and so I try to keep them available.

My next project is working on more holiday items. Decorations and gifts are needing to be made or finished. I am hoping to be stocking the tote soon with finished projects.

Lots to do and I am happiest when busy, so it works out very well. I find that I don't like to be idle for very long. That is one of the aspects of our lifestyle that I enjoy most! There is always something to be done.