Monday, August 25, 2008

Kids' Craft Center

One area of recycling that I know I will enjoy is crafting with our daughter. At 2 yrs. old, she loves doing crafts. I am working at setting up a container of art supplies for her. I have been collecting recipes for homemade art supplies which are now posted on our family website. The other materials that are going to be placed in the box are recycleable items that can be used to make the various crafts.

Looking for inspiration, I did a search and found that Make-stuff has a list of craft ideas that are listed according to the recycled item used in the craft. This gives me a good starting point as to the types of things I can save for her to craft with. Here are some of the items I have found listed on various websites.

egg cartons
baby food jars
baby formula cans
tuna cans
film canisters
cardboard tubes
wire hangers
old puzzle pieces
glass bottles with lids

For the larger items, you can use a tote or other container with a lid to neatly store the items. The smaller art supplies can be stored in recycled cigar boxes that you can get free at smoke shops, cookie tins, etc.

If your child will be doing alot of crafting, you may want to add to their craft supplies a vinyl tablecloth to protect your table and an old large shirt to use as a paint smock.