Saturday, March 29, 2008

Simple & Plain Living

When you think of living simply and plain, what comes to mind? I have found over the years that each person has a different view of having a simple, plain lifestyle.
The range of ideas going from the Amish lifestyle to a more modern life that embraces modern technology but limits the amount outside activities in an effort to be home more.
For me, the definition runs very close to a blend of the Amish and Mennonite ways of life. Technology has it's purpose, but I use it sparingly. I prefer to do things the old way whenever possible. What a blessing to know how to do this. I am so grateful for a Grandmother who taught me to cook without processed foods and other homemaking skills.

I take joy in the simple things - watching laundry on the clothesline swaying in the breeze, baking fresh bread, home canning the garden's harvest, sewing clothing for the family & quilts for our beds, and in preparing meals from scratch instead of depending on the packaged foods from the stores.

Living simply requires more effort and work on our part, but the results are well worth it. Lower grocery bills is one benefit. By cooking from scratch, we save a tremendous amount over what the average family spends. Once the garden is producing & canning has begun, the savings increase even further. As our children grow and begin taking part in the work, they will learn a strong work ethic that will be a blessing to them throughout their life.

To some, our way of life is backwards. Why do you work so hard when you don't have to? Why not just buy everything instead of producing or raising it yourself? Some even wonder if we lack ambition because we choose to not chase the higher income career fields. No one who have ever lived our lifestyle would ever suggest that we lack ambition. While we may never be wealthy in the world's point of view, we have great wealth. Being married to your best friend, having happy kids, having enough funds to meet your family's needs,being able to work together as a family and enjoy the time together, these are just a few of the riches we have. These are all riches that come as a gift from the Lord! They bring true happiness, not the fleeting kind that you can find through the worldly attitude of the more money & things you have, the happier you will be.

I love our lifestyle. We recognise each day the Lord's blessings to our family. We see the Lord's hand in everything around us.

Whatever your definition of a simple life may be, I pray that you find peace and joy through the Lord.

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