Monday, June 30, 2008

A Simple Apron


Aprons are so simple to make that you don't need a pattern.  You can make them from nearly any absorbent fabric.  I remember as a child, my Grandmother had an apron that I loved to wear when helping her in the kitchen.  It was a very simple design.  The apron was made from a pretty colored bath towel that had been cut in half.  The tie was a 2" wide strip of fabric that matched or complimented the towel.  I loved this apron as it was very absorbent and held up very well.


To make this simple apron, pre-wash a large bath towel.  Fold the towel in half (short ends together) to find the center. Press to mark the center line.  You can serge or zigzag stitch along each side of this line to finish the edges and prevent unraveling. 


For the ties, I fold a piece of fabric with the selvage edges together.   Cut 2 strips that are 5" x the width of the fabric.  Take one strip and cut it in half.  Sew one short piece to each end of the long piece to make one continuous piece of 5" wide fabric.  This will prevent you from having a seam in the tie in the middle of your apron front. 


Fold the long edge under 1/2" and press.  Repeat on the other long edge.  Fold under and press the short ends also to give a finished edge.  Fold the strip in half, matching long edges and press.  This will give you a long 2" wide strip.  Fold the strip in half to find it's center.  Fold your towel to find the center of the top edge.  Pin the apron tie to your towel, matching the center points.  Pin the tie into place.  Top-stitch along the open edges of the tie starting at one short edge and sewing across the apron to the other short edge encasing the towel as you go. 


Voila! Your apron is finished and ready to enjoy. 

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