Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another goal being realized

Our family is about to achieve another goal that we had set for our homestead. Joe and I have often spoken about wanting to make an income from our homestead. We wanted it to be something that was in accordance to our homesteading way of life. Well, it is finally happening.

My beloved husband spent time last night getting the website ready to launch as soon as we have pictures. We have always wanted to have a way of making an income from the homestead. Everything in our store will be items that we produce here at the homestead. One of the first items that is being offered are my homemade mixes for cookies and muffins. The recipes are ones that have either been passed down to me or ones that I have developed such as my chocolate chip pound cake cookies. The mix makes a soft cookie that is very light and cake-type texture. You could make the same mix as a pound cake by baking it in a loaf pan. In addition to the homemade mixes, we will be offering handmade items that we produce here.

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