Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Homestead Night

Quiet time is something that I look forward to each night. By 8pm, our daughter is in bed. Our son is put to bed in his bassinet about the same time. Even Joe is preparing for bed as he has to be up quite early for work. Outside the window, our little white kitten that I named "Ghost" is sitting on top of the window A/C unit watching us through the window. She used to be an indoor kitten before we got her. After alittle while, she jumps back down onto the ground and chases her brother, "Boots", our grey with white feet tomcat. A peacock that strayed onto our homestead and decided to make it his home struts one last time around the yard before flying up onto our porch roof to where he perches & sleeps each night.

I love the evenings. The coolness of the night after a hot summer day is such a blessed relief. I find myself more creative in the evening. It is also a time when I can work on my tasks uninterrupted. I love being able to do the evening chores in the quiet of the night. It gives me time to reflect and actually enjoy the cleaning.

I find myself enjoying the quiet times to crochet or sew. I am able to complete the projects faster than during the day when little ones are needing my attentions. Especially the tasks like sewing that need more focused attention that I find myself able to do when a toddler and newborn are awake and actve.

By spending the quiet hours of evening doing my tasks that require more attention, I am free to work on preschool activities with our daughter in the mornings. It is a time of preparation for me. When our daughter is old enough for school, we will be homeschooling her and home-preschooling her little brother. What a joy it is to have this time of preparation. To be able to feel my way into a routine that will best serve our lifestyle and family.

Tonight, I have been crocheting dishcloths and wash cloths. I have some baby weight yarn and am going to make some crocheted baby wipes tomorrow. These are so relaxing to make. I am building up a supply of them so that I can put them up for sale. I feel that by having an inventory of the cloths already made, I will be able to mail the orders out much faster than I would with custom made orders.

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