Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Recycling Experiment

As readers of the blog already know, we have been recycling all of our trash. I wanted to update you on the progress.

Turning our old underground tornado storm shelter into a burn pit was a great idea. Unlike open bonfires, we don't have to worry about embers starting a grass fire. We have had an unexpected benefit from the burn pit. The fire built in the old stone structure gets hot enough that the trash burns more thoroughly than burning in a barrel did for us before. There is only a powdery ash left over. This ash, then can be placed in our garden to amend the soil. If you have a dog run or kennel with a dirt floor, you can scatter the ash on the ground to remove the odor from the dog's urinating on the ground.

Something new is developing though in the recycling. I have found that the gallon size milk jugs, baby formula cans, and baby food jars for example can be offered on Freecycle for teachers to use for crafting with their students. They also can use egg cartons, yogurt containers and many other items. I love being able to pass these things along.

We have worked it all out so that we are able to make the trip to the recycling center once every 2 months. What a blessing this has been! We are saving money each month by not having the trash service and we also are able to be more environmentally responsible.

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