Monday, September 8, 2008

No More Electric Lights

Over the past week as we have been gradually making the changes to go without electric lights, I have been learning a great deal. I now fully understand why many of the early homes often had their kitchen in a sunny part of the home! Doing dishes, cooking and cleaning are easier to do when there is good lighting. In our kitchen, the sink in not close to a window. I have both windows uncovered during the day and the back door of the kitchen is open to allow in as much light as possible.

Sunday, Joe worked on the bathroom, putting up some paneling on the outside facing wall. In the process of taking down the temporary tarp covering the wall, he exposed an old window. The glass in the bottom window is broken, but the top window is intact. Joe slid the top window into the lower position. He then placed a window screen that was in storage into the top area of the window, adding trim to hold it in place. This brought a good amount of natural light into the bathroom.

We are now going to have to re-evaluate our options with each of the home's windows. Typically in the winter, I cover the windows with blankets to hold out the cold. Now, however, we will be needing the light. This means that each window will have a plastic cover put over it to help keep the cold out, while still allowing light in.

The idea of getting my work done during daylight hours has it's ups and downs. Getting it all done during the daylight seems all well and fine until I realise that come winter, those daylight hours will be shorter and I will have to really have my day well planned! At this point though, I am getting into the routine. It will take time though as I am more of a "night owl."

The new changes will take time to get used to. Not so much in the living without electric lights. That part is easy. The adjustments that we are making as to what we do and at what time we do it is having the greatest impact. I love the challenge though.


Allie said...

My inlaws just installed solar tubes in their roof to let sunlight into their hallway and bathroom. They said they keep feeling like they need to turn lights off.

I think those are on my "someday" list.

Moggy said...

I just happened across your blog because I am looking at learning to can and I was wondering if anyone used them for the once a month cooking. I hope by next summer I can have a garden with enough produce to at least can something.

I was wondering if you could set up a mirror to reflect light over to your sink.

Mrs Dewey Smith said...

I didn't realize you blogged over here :o) I'm a bit slow I guess.

Your windows -- what we did in the winter up north was use that shrink plastic. Little fingers tend to poke holes in it *inside* the house...and outside, the wind and weather took its toll.

So we took off our storm windows from the outside and washed them well, dried them, and then put the shrink plastic on the inside of the storm window. This kept them 'frost free' so we could still see outside, and kept the little fingers from poking it :o)