Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Natural" Diapering Idea

Recently, I was reminded of simple idea for little ones still wearing diapers. It is an idea that I remember my Grandma talking about. Back when my father was a baby, they didn't have all the various baby powders that we see on the market today. A common solution for helping the baby stay dry and diaper rash free could be found in their kitchen cabinet........cornstarch. We often find baby powders containing cornstarch in them today. It is a wonderful and very basic.

If you have an old dusting powder tin with powder puff, clean them thoroughly to remove any residue frangrance that may cause a rash on a baby's sensitive skin. Once the tin and puff are fully dried, pour cornstarch into the tin and add the powder puff. Keep this with your baby's diapering supplies. When changing the baby, after cleaning their bottom, dust a bit of the cornstarch onto their bottom just as you would a baby powder.

Cornstarch is much less expensive than the baby powders. It also has no fragrances or other ingredients that can cause a reaction in baby's skin. I use it on my little ones now. I love how it is helping their skin to stay dry and prevent rashes. It is working better than even the more pricey baby powders that we have tried in the past.

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Jan - England said...

I use cornflour/cornstarch instead of talc all the time and have done for years. I started when I had no money and didn't like just using deodrant.