Monday, November 17, 2008

Keeping Warm at Night

Have you ever climbing into bed on a cold night and felt very chilled from the bed sheets being cold? Unlike our little ones who's bedroom is heated, my Beloved and I sleep in a room that has no heat or insulation. Often at night, the bed is very cold which can cause your muscles to clench and tighten.

We finally found a very easy solution for the problem. The first step was to remove the top sheet from the bed. Next, I took a large fuzzy acrylic blanket and spread out on top of the bottom bed sheet. We sleep on top of this blanket. Next, I added layers of blankets. The first is another fuzzy acrylic blanket, then a couple of heavy quilts or comforters.

The acrylic blankets that we use are the fuzzy large throws or decorative type blankets. Most often, you see these blankets with a large decorative image such as an animal or floral design.
The first night that we did this, the temperature dropped to freezing point. Though the air in the room was very cold, we kept warm and comfortable all night. The following morning, I awoke without any pain or discomfort in my muscles from them becoming cold in the night.

I am now thinking about finding old acrylic blankets to use as a batting inside quilts. Feeling how warm the blankets are, I would imagine that they would make a wonderful batting layer.
If you have access to old acrylic blankets, you can turn them into crib sheets to make a little one's crib or toddler bed just a bit warmer and softer.

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Katidids said...

We have used them for years for crib sheets, it made no sence to me to lay a sleeping baby on cold sheets. If I ran out of them & only had the older style I would put a towel down on the mattress prior to the sheet...much warmer bed for a sleeping babe!