Monday, February 2, 2009

Current Sewing Projects

Have you ever worked on a craft or sewing project that just made you smile? That is what I have been working on the past few days. First sewing project I finished was a pair of slippers for Abigail. She is constantly going around without slippers on. Too much like her Momma, I guess. I can't stand wearing hard soled shoes either. So, I made her a pair of soft soled slippers. When she saw them a couple of days ago, she had just woke up from her map. She immediately put them on and has worn them each day since. I will have to make her a couple more pair for when one pair is in the laundry. The pattern that I used is the homespun slipper pattern from Candle on the Hill. The pattern pack has all sizes from infant to adult in one packet. I have a pair cut out and ready to sew for Micah. I am thoroughly enjoying making these for the family. Seeing how much Abigail enjoys her pair makes it worth any time involved in making them.

I am working on another fun project I am sewing is the Pay It Forwards. I showed them to my mother-in-law and she liked them. I may make an extra one for her as it is something that she would use. Can't say what they are yet since i haven't mailed them to the Pay It Forward recipients but I was thrilled that my mother-in-law liked them.

My next project is some aprons and head coverings. I also am going to be making a new dress. Beloved has been wanting me to make myself a new cape dress, so I am finally getting one made. Yikes! I haven't made myself a dress in quite some time. I always seem to find things to make for others that takes priority. Beloved is determined though that I make a dress for myself this time.

I am so glad that Beloved has been encouraging me to sew more. I find it to be calming most of the time. There is a satisfaction in knowing that I am able to make things for the family. I am so grateful to the Lord for putting my Grandmother and Katie Swartentruber in my life at a time when I was so impressionable. Their teachings and bits of knowledge that they shared with me in my youth have blessed my family so much.

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