Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Adventures

Greetings! We are starting to get the hot summer weather already. It is an interesting experience to be going through our first summer without a fan or air conditioner. We are finding the heat is not too bad, but the humidity is a challenge. We are managing during the day. It is hard to sleep at night though when there is little to no breeze.

I am finally getting my energy levels back up and starting to be able to do more each day than I have in recent weeks. All the rains in April & May affected my fibromyalgia and had me slowing down. Even though the humidity is still high some days, I am doing much better! Praise the Lord!!!

We are beginning a new phase to our homestead life. We are taking steps to start teaching classes to others on topics related to self-sufficient & low-cost living. I am preparing the classes and flyers. The flyers will be distributed to the churches & organizations in our area to get the word out about the classes available. We are looking forward to this. There has been much interest in these classes so we are hoping that we will be able to get them going soon.

I got a large amount of fleece last week after a neighbor sheared his sheep. I have 2 1/2 very large bags of it! I am working on cleaning them to prepare for selling as well as to begin working with them myself. In all, there is fleece from approximately 35 sheep.

I am going to make myself some drop spindles to use to spin the wool. Drop spindles are very easy and affordable to make. They take a bit of practice to use, but are not hard to learn. I will post more about working with raw fleece in a future post.

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Linda said...

I lived in Arkansas one summer so I KNOW what the humidity is without air conditioning!We didn't have electricity either. We went to the river and played in the water to cool off before nightfall. If the heat gets to unbearable a tub of cool water helps...

You sound like you are adjusting nicely and the classes sound like a really awesome idea!

Miss you my friend