Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thinking Ahead

Greetings! During all these very warm - 108*F. yesterday - days of summer, my thoughts are already on the cooler days of winter. I have been giving thought to the holiday season. Before you think I am silly for thinking of the holidays so early, let me explain.

Nearly any gift given is handmade. This requires that I think ahead and plan early. Many of the gifts involve sewing. This year it seems that quilts are the ones desired most. There are also other smaller gifts that I am sewing or crocheting.

Another reason for planning ahead is to prepare decorations. I am wanting to make seasonal table linens - placemats, cloth napkins, and potholders. Another decoration that I am working on is coming up with a handmade ornament for each of us. I am wanting to have the tradition for the children of having a new ornament each year to commemorate the year.

Making the gifts can seem a daunting task if left late in the season. By planning ahead, you can take more time to enjoy the process. I love making the gifts. As I work on each item, I am thinking of that person. It is a very personal thing. Handmade gifts can be as simple or as detailed as you choose. Everything from making bath items to artwork. You are only limited by your talent and time. When making gifts instead of buying them, you have the additional blessing of a less frazzled holiday season.


Scarlett said...

I love doing handmade gifts! Quilts are always a hit, but take time so I never can make enough. When I am asked for many, I do lap quilts. They are great for cuddling on the sofa and can be used on a bed if need be. I am saving some old clothing right now to turn into a quilt. I may make the kids and beloved all a twin sized one for Christmas this year. That way they can be brought out to the living room on chilly evenings. Beloved and I have found we like having some twin blankets on the bed, we don't fight over them as much that way.

Carrie said...

This is funny that you posted this...I am working on my plans too...I don't want to be frantic at the last minute.
I am currently doing some canning...I jsut found out (after 18 years of marriage) that my husband and his family all like canned cherries, so they will each get some for Christmas...I am also looking to can some apple pie filling and I am experimenting with my soap making to find just the right thing...
I am hoping to hand dip beeswax tapers soon too.
I would love to hear/see more of what you are planning.