Saturday, August 8, 2009


What a fast response!!! I already have 3 people wanting to participate. Mrs. CW Mouse, Deanna Smith, and Carrie were the first 3 to respond. Carrie, please email me at to give me the address so I can mail out your PIF once it is finished. Thanks!!!

If you are new to PIFs, here is how it works:

I wrote and invitation for 3 people to participate. Each one will receive a handmade item from me. Once I have confirmed who is participating, the participants then post about PIFs on their own blogs and ask for 3 people wanting to join in. They send a handmade item to each person and so on.

The handmade items can be anything. One time, I sent out crocheted dishcloths I had made. This time I am sending out something different. It is really up to the sender what they want to mail out.

There is no rigid time frame, but I recommend that you mail something out within a month so that you don't forget. Most small crafts can be made and shipped in that time frame. Participating in PIFs is a lot of fun....both for the sender and the recipient.

So, in a nutshell, the 3 ladies who are participating in this PIF will be posting on their blogs and asking for 3 people to join in. They will then make & send a handmade item to each participant.

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