Friday, June 24, 2011

Are You Listening to Me?

"Are you listening to me?" How many times have we heard ourselves say
these words to our children? We have all done it at one time or
another. We are talking to our child or giving them instruction and
they get that glazed-eyes look and you know that they have tuned you
out. So, we are reduced to asking, "Are you listening to me?"

It is frustrating to be a parent some days. Picture this scene in your
mind. You are talking to your child about something that you find very
important to instruct them on. Maybe it is how to avoid a bad situation
with a school mate. As you talk to them, you notice that they are not
paying attention. The expression on their face is more than enough to
tell you that they are in another world, not hearing what you have to
say. As parents, we try to get their attention back but they just don't
stay focused. We worry about it because we know that if they don't
listen, then they risk having more problems that would have been
prevented otherwise. So we ask, "Are you listening to me?"

I wonder. How many times has the Lord tried to get our attention or
give us instruction only to have us "tune Him out?" Reading His word
and being prayerful, we can learn His will and how to avoid being
wrapped up in the worldly attitudes. When we read the Bible, it is
though He is speaking to our hearts. When we are prayerful, the Holy
Spirit guides us to help us avoid the pitfalls of life. Do we hear
Him? Do we truly listen? The Lord is a patient Father who will give us
knowledge to navigate through life in such a way as to allow us to
return to Him when our time in this life is through. He is whispering
and gently nudging us. Do we take notice or are we too wrapped up in
our own "rightness" to hear words of instruction? When He speaks to
your heart, do you hold the words close and follow their guidance? Or
is the Lord asking us, "Are you listening to Me?"

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