Friday, July 1, 2011

Missing our Home Congregation

It has been a while since we were able to attend church with our home
congregation in Oklahoma City. The church is about 85 miles or so from
home. Long way to travel, but when you have a wonderful church family
the drive doesn't seem such a problem. Fuel prices seem to be the main
challenge, but we are getting that handled by simply making that a
budget priority.

In the time we have been missing church, they have moved to a new
location. Alas, it was not closer to us, but they were placed where the
Lord needed them to be. I remember hearing Pastor Mike talk about it
long before they found a new location, that we needed to not look for
where "we" wanted the church to move to but be open to where the Lord
had work for us to do.

On Thursday, Miss Abbie kept telling me that she missed seeing Pastor
Mike and Miss Juli. She adores them. She then started to fuss
wondering if we would find them. Seems that she was worried that they
had moved and not told us how to find them. I made her a happy little
girl when I let her know that I called someone to get directions to the
new location and that we would be going there on Sunday. You would have
thought she had just woke up to find it was Christmas morning! After
getting all giddy and excited, she then asked if Pastor Mike and Miss
Juli would be there. Her next concern being did they know how to get
there. I assured her that they did. It is so funny what a kid will
worry about!

This Sunday will certainly be interesting. New church building, a
directionally challenged woman driving there with 2 kids, and seeing how
Micah handles the change. I am praying that he does well. Lately, it
has been hard to tell since we have had so many changes going on here at

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