Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Excitement Builds

On Tuesday, the UPS delivery truck stopped at the house. The delivery
was Miss Abbie's school books for the upcoming term. It was so sweet to
see her reaction. I told her that it was her school books and she
became all giddy and excited. As I opened the box, she stood right
beside me to catch a peek. As I removed each book and workbook, I told
her what they were. The expressions on her face were like a kid on
Christmas morning. She took the materials for each subject over to her
Daddy to look at. We had been talking about the curriculum, but this
was his first chance to see it for himself. Joe glanced through the
materials and is happy with them. He showed to Abbie the first couple
of lessons in her Reader, helping her to read the words on the pages.

I have been going through the materials more thoroughly and am
thrilled. Rod & Staff's 1st Grade curriculum consists of a strong focus
on the 3 R's. The Reading course includes readers, reading workbooks,
phonics workbooks, and printing practice workbooks. The Arithmetic
course includes the textbook, workbooks, and supplemental worksheets.
The writing course is referred to as Penmanship and has a textbook with
corresponding workbooks. The premise behind the 3-Rs focus is that if a
child does not understand these basics, then all other subjects can fail
too. A child must have a strong foundation on which to build up their
knowledge. I am going to add interactive center activities in history
and science. Life skills and Bible are additional subjects we will be
working on.

I am so happy that Joe was here to be able to look through Abbie's
school materials. It means a lot to have him be a big part in her
schooling. She is such a Daddy's girl and gets excited about things he
is excited about. Seeing him take her aside and start out by giving her
little previews of her lessons was a wonderful moment. His enthusiasm
washed over her and she caught on. I may even move up her first day of
schooling to next Monday instead of the end of this month. This will
allow me to get her started while she is still excited about the new
materials. She is really chomping at the bit to try them out.

I have everything to make her School Cone, based on the German tradition
of the Schultute. The large paper cone is decorated and filled with
school supplies and a treat to give the child a fun experience on their
first day of school. In Germany, the tradition was to give it to a
child beginning 1st grade as a way to help keep them from being nervous
about their first day of school.

I am making Abbie's school cone slightly different than the ones I found
online. I am using poster board covered with fabric to form the cone.
The fabric extends 8 inches above the top edge of the cone. The cone is
filled with school supplies and a little treat. The extra fabric at the
top of the cone is then gathered and tied shut with a ribbon.

It is such a blessing to watch Abbie get so excited about
homeschooling. She truly is eager to get started. I feel so humbled
and privileged to be able to teach her at home. Watching as she learns
new things and sharing in her excitement is a joy.


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Anonymous said...

You have obviously instilled in her a love for learning, that is the biggest obstacle for most students. Once they love the idea of learning then it isn't hard to get them on the right track. Good job.