Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Modified Homeschool Workboxes

Using workboxes for a few months last school year, we tried using them
according to Sue Patrick's instructions. While we ended up not using
them for a time, it was long enough to see where we needed to make
adjustments to better fit our family. Most of the basic ideas Ms.
Patrick shared in her book are still being used, but I needed to change
a couple of things.

Abbie's work area includes a desk with a small bookcase beside it. The
bookcase contains 3 shelves, not including the top. On the top of the
bookcase, I set up a small 3-drawer organizer to hold her pencils,
erasers, pencil sharpener, color pencils, and crayons. She also has a
ruler and an old pencil box for other items like scissors and glue
sticks. The next 2 shelves contain all 12 of her workboxes. The
workboxes are clear shoe boxes with lids. I have them stacked 2 boxes
high with 3 stacks across the shelf. These fit nicely that way.

The workboxes are labeled using clear pouches that are adhesive backed
and labeled. The pouch has a pocket that you place the workbox number
and information into. Being that Abbie loves Tinkerbell, I have
Tinkerbell themed workbox number cards. I cut them in half so that the
Tinkerbell picture will go in the pouch beside the number portion of the
card. I have a second set of the cards laminated with a card in its
corresponding workbox. These cards have a velcro dot on the back.
There is a 12-box grid of squares sized to fit a Tinkerbell card. The
cards are placed inside its workbox. When Abbie completes a workbox,
she takes out the card and attaches it to the grid. Her finished work
is set aside and she takes out the next box.

She seems to enjoy this system. Abbie is learning to be self-directing
and independent. She takes breaks and is learning time management
skills that will benefit her later in life. I am putting together a
portable system for days when we have a day away from home. I am
binding some pocket portfolios together to make a little book. In the
pockets I will be placing worksheets and fun activity pages for her to
do when we are at Micah's therapy sessions or other outings. She has
been asking to take homeschool with us and this will be a nice break
from the usual, but still give her the work she is wanting to do. In
the past, we have taken file folder games with us. Those were fun for
her also. Abbie loves to play but I am seeing a growing desire in her
to look at her books and do schoolwork. In that way she is much like
me, I guess. I would have preferred to have my nose in a book than do
anything else when I was a kid. I had to have my mind challenged in
that way. I am still that way today and am happiest when I am
researching something.

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