Friday, October 14, 2011

Checking Our Spiritual Compass

Here is a question for you. How often do you check your spiritual compass?

Going to church is easy. It is also easy to go through the motions of being spiritual. Praying, reading the scriptures, and talking to others as hough you have it all together. But, how often do we give ourselves that reality check? Do we really look hard at our spiritual life and assess it?

One of the problems prevalent in Jesus' day was the spiritual apathy in religion. People went through the motions, but their hearts were not in it. They followed the letter of the Law but not the Spirit of the Law.

In our daily walk, are we praying and reading scripture out of habit or out of a deep desire to have a relationship with the Lord?

Another question is to consider if the way we are living is what the Lord desires for us. The Lord allows us time to grow in our relationship with Him. In our human nature, we can easily turn that into feeling comfortable enough to not make further changes. When we slowly weed away the human nature and let Christ's nature take center stage in our life, our relationship with the Lord deepens.

We need to avoid getting too comfortable with where we are today. Checking our spiritual compass to see if we are still on track with the path the Lord has set us upon is an ongoing process. We need to check and see if we are still following Him or just being comfortable doing what we think is right.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful post. Really speaks to me where I am right now. Thank you !