Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year - New Ventures

I have been working on my first homesteading journal that I am preparing
for publication as an e-book. I have a series of several e-books
planned to have as e-books for those interesting in the off-grid
lifestyle. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you have an
idea of the way I write.

This first journal is an introduction into our journey to off-grid and
simple living. It tells our story of how it all came to be. I have
approximately 10 chapters at this time. Each chapter has writings that
talk about the various aspects of our lifestyle. The main focus of the
book is old-fashioned homemaking skills. It discusses the methods that
our Grandmothers used prior to electricity being common in every home.
The book series is not intended to be an all-encompassing work to cover
all of the latest methods and ideas. It is simply a series of writing
about the way we do things here.

Some of the chapters in the book are: alternative energy & lighting,
heating and staying cool, gardening, food preservation, cooking methods,
laundry, and sewing. If you have read my older blog entries, you will
still learn more through the e-books. I am writing with updated
information that includes mistakes we made and solutions found. By
including our mistakes, I hope that they will serve as a caution to
others so that they may avoid those same mistakes. Even those who have
been reading my blog from the beginning will find new ideas and information.

I am really excited about this new venture. This first book will
contain a few recipes. One of the books I have planned for later this
year is a cookbook of our favorite recipes with canning instructions for
those that I home can. Each of the books are being written as a journal
for easy reading. Each book will be presented in such a way that it is
like enjoying a cup of tea together and sharing our experiences.

I will be updating you as the writing progresses and when it is available.



Scarlett said...

How awesome you are doing this. I so hope to catch up with you one day on living off grid and am ready to read more. Right now, we still rent, and it is illegal for our landlord to allow us to live off grid. But hopefully as we work closer and closer, we will be able to get off grid. I love hearing how you do it, and love living as plain and simple as we can. Keep it all coming, we are reading and learning from you!

Lanita said...

That sounds great. I would love to read about your experiences.