Saturday, January 21, 2012

Starting Tomato Seeds

It is that time again. I am getting ready to start my garden seeds
indoors. We have been blessed with a very mild winter this year. On
Monday, my car will be getting the new timing belt & water pump. The
belt went out on it about 3 weeks ago and it has taken this long to get
an appointment. The wait is worth it though as it is a very good family
owned shop that we have used for many years. As soon as I get the car
back, I will be purchasing some potting mix to start my tomato seeds. I
can hardly wait! I will starting a few other plants as well.

The garden won't be as filled with variety as in previously planned
years, but the basics that we enjoy will be there. I am experimenting
this year. We are going to plant a raised bed garden in an area of yard
that is partially shaded. This will allow the plants to receive more
than ample light in the cooler part of the summer days, but the shade
needed to protect them from the summer's heat. I am hoping that this
will be the answer that we have needed to have a successful garden this

If you have never tried growing your own tomato plants from seed, give
it a go. The plants grow very easily and as long as you give them
plenty of sunlight during the day, they will not become "leggy" having a
long thin stem with few leaves. A single packet of seeds can cost about
$2.00 depending on where you buy them. In that packet however, you will
get a couple dozen or more plants.

I am considering starting quite a few plants from seed this year and
then selling the little plants that I don't need in my garden. I use
organic and open-pollinated seeds only. If it goes as previous years
have, I should do well.

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