Sunday, May 6, 2012

Little Miss Meets an Author

The past week, my dear husband has been home. He was out on the truck
for 5 weeks, so was able to have 5 days off at home. It has been such a
blessing. Sure beats the 36 hours he got to have at home in the past
few months. We were able to attend church services together as a
family. That is something that we haven't been able to do in a long time.

On the homestead, I planted very little thus far. We have been trying
to get the new raised bed garden going, but keep running into snags
along the way. Our biggest obstacle being not having a pickup truck
running. Can't haul in the recycled pallets with my new jeep. There is
no trailer hitch on it yet. So, I am going to make slight alterations
in my plans so that I can grow at least a few things.

I decided against participating in the craft show this year. I am
simply not finding enough time to get crafts made for it. Instead, I am
planning to just start working on holiday gifts and be content with
that. If I happen to sell a few things along the way, then that would
be wonderful. My first priority is in the tending to our young children
and homeschooling them.

I am going to be getting Pookie set up with a new therapist for his
speech and occupational therapies. The office he previously went to
wasn't a good fit in the end. We are excited to get him to the new
therapists though. They are coming highly recommended. I will continue
working with him at home. I am looking forward to having a therapist to
work along side of in Pookie's therapy. It will give me more options to
consider in how to work with him effectively.

Little Miss is getting to be such a big girl. We are loving the
thematic study approach of the My Father's World curriculum. We took
her to the library to get her own library card. She was excited to
receive that! I took her and Pookie to the homeschool convention in
Tulsa. While there, she met Susan K. Marlow, who write the "Circle C
Adventures" books. These books are like a cowgirl version of the Little
House stories. The main character in the series in a little girl who
lives on a ranch. She doesn't mean to get into mischief, but it always
seems to find her. The first set of 6 books are for young girls, age
6-8 yrs old. The next set are for girls 9-12 yrs old. Mrs, Marlow is a
veteran homeschooling mother. She has on her website free printables to
use along with each of her books. She sells lapbooks that also
correspond to each of the books. Little Miss was very excited when Mrs.
Marlow autographed the book that we bought. I also was able to take a
picture of Little Miss with Mrs. Marlow. In reading the book, I am
seeing that Little Miss is going to love this series. Her favorite
movie is "Flicka" and she enjoys anything to do with horses. The best
part is that these books are ones that, like the Little House series,
you can trust your child to read without being exposed to a lot of
worldly nonsense & ideas. They are a truly wholesome book.

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