Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Adjusting to changes

What a time it has been these past weeks while Joe has been gone. We are adjusting alright, some days are certainly better than others though. We are settling into a routine that is working well. I homeschool both of the children in the mornings. For Micah, that is time used for therapy. I set him in the high chair and work with him as Abbie works on her Pre-K schoolwork. Some days, Micah is not cooperative, but we work it out.

I had to take Micah to the ER last weekend. He had a fever of 101.9F and turned out to be sick with strep throat and was dehydrated. They gave him fliuds through an IV and he is now taking Ibuprofen and Amoxicillin. On Aug. 30th, he has to go to a surgery center in Edmond, OK, so the dentist can do his dental work. Being very young and not cooperative about opening his mouth for them, they hae to sedate him. Nice part is that all his dental wok will be done at one time. Now, I have to find a way to get him to allow me to use a toothbrush instead of the infant one that goes on my finger.

Abbie caught a "leaf hopper" in jar today to take to Grandma's. Being Wednesday, the kids are having their visit with Me-maw and Pop-Pop. Abbie was so tickled to have the leaf hopper to show them. For some reason, Me-maw didn't look quie as excited about taking it home.

I made out a list of canning recipes yesterday, along with the shopping list for them. I decided that this year I am doing holiday canning to use as gifts. I am looking forward to it. Autumn canning is always my favorite. I start making more soups and stews for our dinners and then can up the extras. I went out and bought the newest Ball Blue Book and chose recipes out of there to do up. Now, I am looking at the pantry an wondering how to best expand the shelf space in that small area. I am sure that I will get it figured out. Just a matter of being creative in where to place the shelving.

Micah's physical therapist came by on Tuesday to see what his needs are. On Friday, she will be back to start the actual therapy with him. I am looking forward to getting her help with it. She seems very easy going and Micah took to her really well.

Thank you for the letters I have been receiving lately. I am getting them answered by and by. With our days beginning to calm more and the weather not being so excessively hot, I am finding more time to sit and answer the letters.

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Anonymous said...

I spent the last few days during breaks at work reading your blog. I have lived your lifestyle, but only for a few months. We lived at deer camp on a mountain after late husband retired from the military. It took those months to find a job and save to rent a house. We had a great time up there. I did not go quite as far as you. I had a wringer washer that was run off of a generator and had to take the clothes to town because it was always too cool for clothes to dry. They would start to mildew instead. We became very close as a family up there. I am now a widow with grown children coming in and out of life. Trying to find a smaller place to live and sell this big house. I have chickens, raise a couple of hogs and a beef cow. This supplies meat and eggs. Usually trade with neighbor for fresh vegetables to can, but this year no ones garden did well. I can't wait until next wednesday to keep up with your adjustment to Beloved being on the road. May God bless you and yours, DeeKnitter