Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I wanted to apologise for not posting the comments sooner. I was unable to get to the library last week, so they had to wait until today to be posted. I moderate all comments due to having problems in the past with both AD-type ones and vicious verbal attacks that are not appropriate for the blog. So, just as a reminder, I usually am able to spend time online at a library on Wednesdays only.

We have a lot going on. Micah is now enrolled in the Early Intervention program, but we are going into it with little hope for any benefit for Micah. Being rural as we are, the options available are not as plentiful as to those in a city. I am taking steps to change this for Micah. I will post more as we go along.

Joe is now truck driving again. Today was his first day in the trainer's truck. I am looking forward to seeing how it went for him.



Erin said...

I was sorry to see that Micah was diagnosed with autism, but am glad that he's getting some more help. What's the early intervention program like?

Carrie said...

So, how are you doing with him gone for a couple of weeks...are you all (him too) settling down into a schedule? I need to email you and chat a bit...will try to do it this week.