Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Canning BBQ Beef

I had a brainstorm while at the grocery store last week. I bought some
roast beef at the deli counter and had it very thinly sliced. I brought
it home and added BBQ sauce to it and canned it in pint size jars for
beloved to take on the truck with him next trip out. After seeing how
fast and easy it was to do, I am now looking at other ideas. BBQ sliced
turkey or shredded chicken are a couple of options. Another that I am
considering is sweet & sour chicken or beef for him to have over rice.

In a half-pint jar, there is enough BBQ meat to serve over rice or
potatoes. A pint jar is enough for a couple of nice meaty sandwiches.
I am going through my meat recipes and seeing what ones can be converted
into a canning recipe. I think my beloved is going to be getting more
variety this spring.

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