Monday, March 12, 2012

He Is Risen Garden

The kids and I are working on a fun project in preparation for the
Easter season. I first saw this idea on a homeschool group that I am
on. If you want to do it with your children, you need to start soon.

The garden is a large saucer such as the type you would put under a
flower pot. You fill it with soil and lay a small flower pot on it's
side in the soil. Pile more soil on top of the pot to form a hill,
keeping the open end of the pot exposed. The soil is generously
sprinkled with grass seed. A large rock is placed along side of the
open end of the flower pot. This is the stone in front of the empty
tomb. On the hill, behind the flower pot, you place 3 small twig
crosses. Spritz the seed covered soil with water from a spray bottle
several times a day to keep the soil damp. Place in a sunny window. It
takes about 2 weeks for the grass seed to grow. When finished, you have
a nice little garden scene with a grass covered hill, with 3 crosses,
and the empty tomb in the foreground.

The kids and I are doing this as a part of our devotions in preparations
of the Easter season. May the idea be one to bless your family as well.

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elle-maree said...

I saw a picture of one recently. What an inspiration project.